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Woking & Worplesdon properties

Fox Corner sits very close to the point where the boundary between Pirbright and Worplesdon parishes meet the Bridley area of Woking Borough.  This point is at Rickford Bridge.  Any history of Fox Corner therefore has to include parts of Pirbright, Worplesdon and Woking.


                             This site contains information on the relevant parts of Pirbright and Woking only.


                  Our sister site,, contains information on the relevant parts of Worplesdon only.

There is a logic to this, but please don't ask us to explain it.  Links are provided between sites where relevant.

To read about those properties which lie in the Borough of Woking, hover the cursor on the "Woking, Worplesdon" menu item above and click on the appropriate page.  The properties have been grouped in the following pages:

To read about Worplesdon properties, visit our sister site, here.

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