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This site was produced in conjunction with the Pirbright Historians (, who provided much invaluable information, as well as a steady stream of guidance and suggestions.  In addition, thanks are due to the following:


The Surrey History Society

Various local inhabitants (present and past) for their valuable information

National Library of Scotland (

National Archives

Ordnance Survey

Google Maps

Collections for a History of Pirbright (Mary Cawthorn, 1931)

Val Patrick (for her research on Bakersgate, Pullens and the Slaughter family)

Ron Wallace (for his enthusiasm in obtaining information relating to Berry Lane)

Pirbright Historians:  “Pirbright Then and Now”

A tribute to Frederick Stonard (Jonathan Foster)

Charles Peyto Shrubb, the man who built Merrist Wood House (Steve Cranstone)

Recollections of Fox Corner (Rachel Collier, 1984)

David Rose

Geoff Burch

Jane Tickner (for her research on Jack the Ripper)

Wonersh History Society

Various local estate agents

Brookwood Cemetery

Guildford Borough Council
Domestic Buildings Research Group (Surrey)
National Portrait Gallery

The Royal Collection Trust
Two Hundred Years of Muddling Through (Duncan Weldon, 2021)
The Man from Keystone (Bert Garai, 1965)
A millennium of macroeconomic data for the UK (Bank of England)


Association of Commons Registration Authorities (

Laura Wright:  “Sunnyside: a sociolinguistic history of British house names”

Old Surrey Water-Mills (Hillier, 1951)

The Water Mills of Surrey (Craft and Industry) (Derek Stidder, 1990)

Several informal advisers



My personal thanks to all of the above.

Richard Hartley

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