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Bridley:  Under Development

Bridley Manor was (and perhaps still is?) owned by the Lord of the Manor of Bridley.  Dating back to 1641, we will trace the series of Lords of the Manor, including an MP, the brother of an MP, and a couple of Peers of the Realm.  Some of these gentlemen had rather interesting (and questionable) histories.  The manor operated a farm, and housed many of the farm labourers in small houses near the Manor.

Bridley Manor has always had substantial land holdings, but in the late 19th century these were expanded to include land in Pirbright and Worplesdon parishes.  The estate at this time stretched right up to Fox Corner, including where Pirbright Cottages now stand. But by 1900 much of this land had been sold, and the estate pared back to a more manageable size.

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