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The Bailey Family

We have detailed the lives of the Bailey family (and included a few photos) in 4 places on this site:

•    12, Pirbright Cottages, where the Baileys lived from 1921 to 1954
•    Heath Mill, where James Bailey worked for much of his life, ably assisted by his 3 sons
•    Malthouse Corn Stores, a retail outlet operated by the Baileys on the Bagshot Road
•    Openview, where some of the Bailey family lived after James’s death in 1953

We will therefore not repeat that information here.  Instead we will lay out some pictures of the Bailey family not shown elsewhere on the site, in (sort of) chronological order:

•     A wedding photo of James & Annie Bailey (1899)
•     An early photo of James Bailey standing by a horse and cart
•    James and Annie with their 3 sons on the bridge (“Lover’s Nook”) at Heath Mill
•    Dick with the van

•    James and his 3 sons
•    James in his old age at Heath Mill
•    James and Annie’s graves.

We hope you enjoy looking at them.

James and Annie Bailey wedding 1899.jpg
James Bailey early pic.jpg
James Bailey and 3 sons on bridge at Heath Mill.jpg
Dick Bailey and van.jpg
James Bailey and 3 sons (C, D, R).jpg
James and Annie graves.jpg
James Bailey in old age.jpg
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