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Welcome to "A History of Fox Corner", where you can find out about the people, buildings and activities of Fox Corner in past years. 


                     Launch date:         - Dec 2021

                     Recent updates:    - Dec 2022 (Ash Road - south and north sides) and a new section on the Baker Family 

                                                         - Mar 2023 (New section:  Historical economic and social overview - short and long versions)

                                                   - Apr 2023 (Bagshot Road)

                                                         - Ongoing edits to reflect readers' contributions (stories, photos, etc, as well as pointing out some of                                                                          our errors, with grateful thanks)

                   Next updates:        - May 2023 (The Fairway, Storr's Lane, Lawford's Hill Road & Close)

                                                   - July 2023 (The Farms)

The Fox is a well known landmark.  But did you know that it was built on a piece of land called Gander Hill?  Or that Africa's most famous game hunter lived at Fox Corner?  Or that David Livingstone's daughter lived here?  And in the 1950's where in Fox Corner did an MP live ?  We hope you enjoy reading about these and the other things that created the Fox Corner of today.

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This site was developed in conjunction with Pirbright Historians (  Please report any further information (inc photos), suggestions or inaccuracies by emailing:

The information on this site was derived mainly from publicly available sources.  For reasons of privacy, there should be no information relating to current property owners or occupiers unless it is already public, or consent has been obtained.

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